Thursday, July 29, 2010

orange revelation

For those who know me i am not a person of many words. I let my artwork speak for me.....
the other morning i got up early as i have always done and i prepared my lunch. i cut up my orange and placed all the pieces into a plastic bag. My grandfather, watching with curiosty, pointed out this observation that he made.
" you know if you were your father, you would have put all the pieces of the orange back into its original form and then you would have wrapped it in glad wrap."
i held up the bag of sliced oranges and twirled it around, admiring the simplicity of how each piece sat apart.
to my suprise i replied by saying." well i am not my father."
it may seem silly that the way i cut my oranges had such a profound affect on me. But i realised at that point in time that i am my own person. i am not my father and i am not my mother. i am who i am


  1. I like your oranges story Tat, the picture is awesome too.

  2. A thoughtful insight Tat. Bring that deep reflection on human nature through your own experience into your animation creativity. It will move your audience. Seismic.