Thursday, July 29, 2010

i am the cookie monster!!!

yesterday was a low day for me. unfortunantly for frank he walked out to the tables outside the animation room to see me in a crumpled heap under a table. he witnessed me in my embarressments try to scoop the empty chocolate wrappers off the table. but nothing could erase the horrible sight of me hugging the table leg in fits of tears and laughter.
i am a sugarholic!! and i need help!!

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  1. Yes, it was terribly unfortunate, because if I had been there a few moments earlier, quite possibly the chocolate wrappers would still have been doing their assigned job and I could have lent some better assistance.

    I had no idea what you and Shae were doing or saying. I was sure I had walked out of the studio door and into some crazy 'other' dimension.

    Thankfully it was just a realworld sugar frenzy. And it inspired a drawing!