Thursday, January 20, 2011


I dont feel that i can contribute much in a natural disaster like this.... but if i can create something with my art that can inspire the people with the means, to get up and do something, then i think its worth something :D
i hope you are all safe my fellows animators :D

Friday, January 14, 2011

It just keeps getting better

Its been a hard few days with the horrific flooding in Toowoomba and the Brisbane floods as well.... Many families have lost everything. And i am really feeling for the families who have lost loved ones... especially young children. It breaks my heart.
Even though i am safe on the sunshine coast we are affected as well.... we are low on supplies here on the coast.... As soon as word broke out that there would be a food shortage, every one attacked the main food chains like Shae and I on a one dollar day at Seven Eleven.....
I am happy to say that my family are well stocked in food storage so we will be fine.... unfortunately my brother has come down with a serious case of amonia.... so he has been in hospital for the last few days.... it just never seems to stop does it :C oh well we just got to keep moving on
as premier anna bly said.... "it might be breaking our hearts, but it will not break out will"
i hope you are all safe, if you can help out where ever you can i am sure it will be much appreciated in the affected areas... catch yah when the new term starts :D

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Follow your Dream

At last Tangled has arrived at the cinemas!!!!.... and as a big Disney fan this movie sure did not disappoint..... i was looking forward to the amazing animation and at the same time scared that the film might be ruined by a over the top stereotypical and corny story. but as usual this disney movie carried feelings of hope, adventure, love, betrayal, excitement, friends ship, longing, angst.... from the very first song you are wrapped in the strings of the disney dream... and like puppets you are carried along moving with every tug of emotion.....
scarlly enough i felt very connected to the character 'Flower' or 'Rapunzel'.... the scene where she has just left the tower and she is embracing the world around her.... i reacted the same way when i left home and ventured to brisbane to follow my dreams as an animator......
i felt that this movie drew alot from previous disney classics... reminding me of films such as the hunchback...., the little mermaid, and sinbad( and yes i know that Sinbad is not a Dinsey film) .... and yet collectively it still felt orignal.....
i enjoyed this movie immensly and i hope to see it again soon :D

memo to me..... do not suggest to go and see a Newly released Disney movie on a first date.... the fact that i get so involved in the movie scares people away.
another memo to me.... yes pulling faces and jumping up and down in chair giggling is not cool
hehe i am looking forward to another year of animation at southbank.... missing the class alot