Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Man - Max is the Man


  1. I like the chicken pose at the top. It has a really good line of action. It reminds me of Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones. The second pose might look a little better from a different angle.

  2. I'll comment on the top pose at it was a good discovery in the "acting it out" sessions.

    What I like about the pose is that it displays a sense of movement even though it is only one image. Movement in a still image radiates out to the viewer as a sense of 'energy'. The energy radiates from the opposite actions of the knee coming up, even with some overlapping action of the left foot, while the chest goes down.

    Keeping the head and chin up to extend in a swooping line of action that runs up from the base of the spine communicates that Max is really sticking it to The Man. If his head was down the message would be different.

    The pose could be improved by paying more attention to balance. It all erelies on the one foot on the ground and where it is positioned in relation to the body core and centre of gravity (CoG). From this view the CoG appears to far back. Consider moving Max's core control forward and to the side so it is over the right foot. Them move the left foot forward and position the left knee to unbind the left leg silhouette from the right leg and chest.