Monday, September 26, 2011

Maximall from Axel Tillement on Vimeo.

Beautiful animation from Suplinfocom.... both appealing visually and suspensful wiht the chase.... makes you kind of look at trolleys a whole lot differently....

I liked looking at his sketch book. He says anything and everything in possible in your sketch book.... makes me want to get out and draw!!!


Some wonderful animation and creativity hear

Sunday, September 11, 2011

studying Skips for my little girl

Depending on the skip its really interesting to see that rather then alternating legs you land on the same leg you left with before you change over to the next....

Progress Reel 2

well less then 8 weeks to go and then it time to finish up our Major Projects! Yikes!!! FRANK!!! were you blinking again!!!
Hehehe but seriously... looking at my progress reel i realised that i need to step it up a notch if i am going to have to finish product i want for Screening night.... i hope that you guys enjoy this though :D

The Little Red Balloon

Thank you frank for sharing these's films with me!!!

Little Red Boat - By Cal arts Students Nelson Boles

Little Boat from nelson boles on Vimeo.

How minimalist can a lead character be in an animated short and still elicit an audience’s emotional reaction? CalArts student Nelson Boles explores the possibilities in his smartly designed The Little Boat. His sparing approach evokes the live-action short The Red Balloon which similarly imbued life into an obstinately mundane object. Boles doesn’t anthropomorphize the titular character; the dinghy’s behavior stems from its interactions with other characters in the film and its surrounding environment. And though its movement is controlled by an external force (wind), we still feel something for the boat. For instance, the shot at 2:10 that shows the boat resolutely pushing forward only to have its mast shattered in half—it’s as heartbreaking a moment as anything that could happen to a more conventional animated character with eyes, hands and legs.