Thursday, February 24, 2011

Take this Animation!!! - 'I' desing in maya with max

just a random sketch i thought i would put up that i did

Max's first awkward steps

Today was a much anicipated day for us second years.... The day..... we learned.... to walk. Like everything in life, one of the most important things we can ever learn is to walk...Those first steps whether literal of metaphoric, provide us with confidence to run, jump, leap..... we got to animate maxs first steps... and although they are a little awkward. its the start of something beautiful :D

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spirit Horse

During our lunch break Scheree put on the wonderful movie - Spirit.... to be honest it didn't appeal to me when it first came out... but watchig it now i reallly appreciate how they tell the story mainly through the animation and music rather than dialogue.
i felt inspired to try to draw a horse as i never really draw much besides female charcters and buff men hahaha....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

the is no 'I' in Animation.... o wait there is

hahaha yes i know another lame joke of mine... but hey thats what a blog can be for right? any way here is my very quick sketch up designs for the i in animation project we are going to have in Maya :D
i'm not sure wether i like this one.... i like the slinky idea. but this one should be easy enough in Maya to animate :D

moment of contact for max

hey guys
we looked at the moment of contact in iron giant and how to train your dragon. Its amazing when you stop and deconstruct how certain seens are constructed to create anitcipation through timig and spaccing.... its powerful
is it the anicipation that makes the touch so powerful or is it the touch by its self?? i really think that the two need each other either wise both are ineffective :D

i hope you like this frank... i don't necessaryily have something for him to reach out to.... but its pretty dramatic!!! the question is what is he yelling out!!! hehehehe

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thinker Fun

Auguste Rodin " The Thinker" makes you think about thinking

in class today we explored the perculiar pose of Aguste Rodin's statue "The Thinker".
have you every noticed that the elbow of the arm the rests on the chin is resting the opposite leg...???
As Frank pointed out to the class, that as human beings we don't natural form this position when in a thinking mode....
so why did Agustus Rodin do this to the statue???
becuase the figure is twisted the line of action creates emotion and energy to the overall composition of the statue.
sooooo...... class task today... Max gets to star as the THINKER!!!!

i hope you like, it was difficult to make the arms not fold into the rib cage.... its important that maxs breathes during his intense thinking :D

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where will my Dream take me this year

HEY hey there fellow animators out ther in the world....
Another year begins and so the animation adventure at the southbank institute is drawing to a close. i know its only the beginging, but a year goes past quickly and you come to the point, a fork in the road.... what now?
so what happens at the end... where will i be going... where will i be at the end of 2011??
My MAJOR goal for the end of the year is i want to graduate from this advance diploma and successfully pass QCA. Everything else is a huge bonus! haha
At the end of the year i want to feel like i explored and created a port folio that is asthetically appealing and evoking....
I have often been very hesitant to open my mind and embrace my creative side... so i don't want to hold back this year.
i really want to improve my skills and knowledge of how to use the programs.
My hopes and dreams in the end are to go work for disney/ pixar/ dreamworks as a story borad/ character concept artist!!
as JOE GRANT said ... what if you could wake up every morning and do the thing you love!
thats all i want to do!
i want to dear to dream when no one else will....
and i hope that will show in my work!!! its going to be a busy year, i say bring it on!!!!!