Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wacom challenage_ caricature of self with monster

Fank, our awesome teacher, every once and a while like to set competitions for us students to challenge out creativity. one of the first challenges for this semester asked us to come up with caricatures of us experiencing first contact with a monster.. these are my ones :D
my ice cream one kind of represents my on going battle with my evil monster.... icecream man!! but as you can see i have conerned him on top of a pancake tower where no where to go...... and the others i thought were funny ideas that popped into my head!!! thanks for the oppotunity to be explore our freative juices frank!! looking forward to the next one :D


  1. A lovely collection of illustrations. A creative break to refresh before skipping back into your major project. These have received varying critiques in the animation gallery. Expectations from colleagues can be very high.

    It is good to step away from intensive animation for short creative breaks and then dive back in to the major project.

  2. I like how you have three great ideas and did them all. The second one is funny.