Monday, August 15, 2011

Sketching out the basic rough for the Little Girl run

The year is quickly coming to an end for us second years. We blinked and its week 6 already. Only about ten weeks to go!!! we have learn't how to walk... Now its time to run!!! Today in class we started to tackel the run which counts as an EAP for our MP... i've roughed out the basic of the little girl run... you will see in the future more detail and inbetweens to sort out the timing.... i hope that basic poses are easily seen in what i have done today... enjoy

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  1. The planning works quite well. There may be a leg swap happening in the frames. The run feels better as a run across the screen rather than a cycle. We chatted a bit about it in class. I hope it develops into part of your major project. Double check the planning in terms of the context of the story. I seem to remember that a lot of the general flow of movement in your animatic is from left to right across the screen. Wheras you have this planning running right to left.