Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Little Girl - key pose for walk

Now that the sotryboards and the animatic are done for most of us in the class, its time for us to start the big porject.... we talked about the EAP's we would need in our stories and one of fanks major points was that we need to practise our walks and runs more than once!!! so hopefully we will be showing some more of our animated work besides our major project.
part of our prep is knowing the four steps in a walk..... and what is the step that conveys the characters attitude?..... its the contact pose.
so here is my contact pose for my little girl


  1. Very cheery. Love the expression. :)

  2. She is a confident young girl it seems. Head strong but puffed up a bit in her self esteem and upper body posing.

    The front leg is straight making confident contact with an arrogant heel and upturned foot. There is purpose in the energy pushing her forward from her well planted back foot. I would suggest, however, that her back foot push through the ball of the foot and raise the heel slightly off the ground.

    Unfortunately she is 'square gaiting, that is stepping out with the left foot and swinging her keft arm forward. It gives her a very open pose to exude confidence, but when animated, is an uncoordinated way to walk. Swing her right arm forward with her left foot.

    Her head position is strong and a bit straight showing that she is in control of her thoughts and not dreamily drifting along. The head position complements the line of action in this pose, but it would be interseting to see some stick figure ruff sketch experiments with the neck not so straight and skightly angled forward. It may make her even mopre determined.

    A few notes on how you perceive the way the character is thinking and feeling, what their enrgy level is likem will help in the critiques of further drawings.

  3. Sketch a few drawings without facial features. A line to suggest the eyeline and the vertical nose line would be enough. That way the body language can appear clearer.

  4. thank you for the feed back frank! will do!! i love getting feed back that consist of more than one word... wow