Thursday, May 19, 2011

contact pose-mood

Yesterday in class with Frank we continued to explore the contact pose and how its important with in our animations....... THE MOOD!!! Frank yelled to us in his soothing voice! its so important! so i want you to not only show this through your pose... which you will do with a straight leg!!! i want to see in the back ground the frame of mind your charcater is in at the moment.... so here is my happy little girl contact pose :D


  1. hahaha just realised frank you are going to comment on the fact that i have the right leg and hand up at the same time..... keep in mind that the right arm is holding teh string of the balloon

  2. There is something in this that makes me think of "The Wizard of Oz".

    The other key lesson in the task was that backgrounds for a major project can be abstract image mattes as long as they are meaningful. An abstract background may allow more time to be made available for animating during production.

  3. but the contact pose!! the contact pose frank!! haha
    haaaaa... that is true

  4. That front leg is a bit over-stretched. Lucky I got everyone to build the pose again (and again, and again...)