Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where will my Dream take me this year

HEY hey there fellow animators out ther in the world....
Another year begins and so the animation adventure at the southbank institute is drawing to a close. i know its only the beginging, but a year goes past quickly and you come to the point, a fork in the road.... what now?
so what happens at the end... where will i be going... where will i be at the end of 2011??
My MAJOR goal for the end of the year is i want to graduate from this advance diploma and successfully pass QCA. Everything else is a huge bonus! haha
At the end of the year i want to feel like i explored and created a port folio that is asthetically appealing and evoking....
I have often been very hesitant to open my mind and embrace my creative side... so i don't want to hold back this year.
i really want to improve my skills and knowledge of how to use the programs.
My hopes and dreams in the end are to go work for disney/ pixar/ dreamworks as a story borad/ character concept artist!!
as JOE GRANT said ... what if you could wake up every morning and do the thing you love!
thats all i want to do!
i want to dear to dream when no one else will....
and i hope that will show in my work!!! its going to be a busy year, i say bring it on!!!!!

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  1. I think embracing your creative side is a great idea. Remember, don't censor yourself!