Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spirit Horse

During our lunch break Scheree put on the wonderful movie - Spirit.... to be honest it didn't appeal to me when it first came out... but watchig it now i reallly appreciate how they tell the story mainly through the animation and music rather than dialogue.
i felt inspired to try to draw a horse as i never really draw much besides female charcters and buff men hahaha....


  1. This looks good! I know you created it simply so it's good, I'd suggest trying this for your storyboards also, as it has a very nice style and simple sketchiness for a storyboard etc. :)

  2. We should totally just have a horse drawing session and braid each others hair. :9

  3. Horses have such strong arcing necks. Their skulls are quite big and out the front of their bodies (not on top, like a human), so they need those muscles. Nice horse capture.