Monday, October 31, 2011


Sound FX from music students for my Major project

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  1. The contracted story works fine and allows you to focus your animation effort into a smaller project.

    We will have to adjust the drsft titles for the final version. The place we have our studio is Southbank Institute of Technology. The format would be better as: Screen 1: a Tatiana Larkin film; Screen 2: created at Southbank Institute of Technology

    I think the chalkboard sound is incorrect for drawing on a balloon, which should squeak. We should change that.

    The end could be sweetened with a small but gentle smile as he sees his balloon flock break for freedom. It could be the moment/ the incident that partially resolves his grief about losing the red balloon. Again it is a small facial expression animation that can tell a whole lot of story.

    It would help the story telling if Scene 4 is held for longer, where the man is looking at the balloon face. It is a 'moment of connection' (without actual contact), where you establish the relationship between the balloon man and his red balloon. It should almost have some extra eye animation on the old man's side to express his attachment to this special red balloon.

    I think the crying audio is over played, that could be softer and let the animation and body language visually communicate his feeling of loss.