Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just Crazy thinking that probably doesn't really make sense to any one else

Hello to all the animators and other creative people out there..
I hope that every one enjoyed the weekend just passed..... Easter holidays are always special... whether it be for the celebration of christ sacrifice for man or simply the excitement of finding chocolate eggs and bunnies at the end of your bed. i happily enjoyed both reminsing and over dosing on chocolate..... haha still getting over my chocolate hang over.... but hey thats the story of my life :D
One thing that i have been doing alot of lately is pondering on my life.... i'm sure we all ask ourselves where we are going with our lives... who are we and what is the point. We are constantly bombarded by ideas and opinions, it gets harder to listen to your own thoughts and form your own beliefs.
There is so much to absorb and some times life feels overwhelming. its times like this that i like to get back to the basics..... what is important to me?.... what do i need?
Generally it all comes back to relationships with other people...... There is nothing like feeling like you can share and experience life with the people around you. a joke, a tear, a smile, a hug..... makes the biggest difference when we take the time to be in the moment.
When we think about whats really important... all the little things we bicker about seem pointless and a waste of time....
life is for us to be happy, we are meant to enjoy it!
i forget it sometimes.....
i'm grateful for the oppotunities i have had to grow this past year.... however small that might be that i have grown its still a step forward then where i was. and i am grateful for the amazing people around me that i learn from everyday :D
Looking forward to the critiques tomorrow to see what everyone has come up with :D

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  1. Here here! Your friends are important, especially when they have possession of prized markers haha. :P

    I think sometimes we need to take a step back and remember the reasons why we've chosen a path for ourselves - in this case, animation, or at least the art of story telling - and not let small problems overwhelm us.

    I enjoyed watching your animatic today. It's going to be a tough road ahead making the animation but I know you can do it! :)