Wednesday, March 9, 2011


  1. These two show the Balloons have been set free.... the wind is guiding through the air and head towards the girl.... from the reflection of the sun the girl can see the shadows hovering above her....

  2. There is good use of camera framing and shot choice: wide, mid shot, low angle., "worm's eye view", "bird's eye view", and a dutch tilt. Plenty of exploration with visual storytelling.

    However, we will have to break you from the preferred wide, wide screen panels that you are working these ruffs in and get you in to the 16:9 layout template panels.

    That will provide an opportunity to rethink your staging and framing choices in another draft of the storyboard.

    Try one panel in a ractangle that is 512 pixels by 288 pixels. See if it affects the 'feel' of the story.