Friday, January 14, 2011

It just keeps getting better

Its been a hard few days with the horrific flooding in Toowoomba and the Brisbane floods as well.... Many families have lost everything. And i am really feeling for the families who have lost loved ones... especially young children. It breaks my heart.
Even though i am safe on the sunshine coast we are affected as well.... we are low on supplies here on the coast.... As soon as word broke out that there would be a food shortage, every one attacked the main food chains like Shae and I on a one dollar day at Seven Eleven.....
I am happy to say that my family are well stocked in food storage so we will be fine.... unfortunately my brother has come down with a serious case of amonia.... so he has been in hospital for the last few days.... it just never seems to stop does it :C oh well we just got to keep moving on
as premier anna bly said.... "it might be breaking our hearts, but it will not break out will"
i hope you are all safe, if you can help out where ever you can i am sure it will be much appreciated in the affected areas... catch yah when the new term starts :D


  1. Hope your brother recovers quickly. He has quite big feet doesn't he? I am sure the drawing will lift his spirits. There is quite a bad summer cold doing the rounds at the moment, so I help people keep well and eat their Vitamin C.

    Well i guess its not that funny because i feel terrible. i think i got it from helping clean up the floods.
    i hope we will both feel better by the time we start again :D until then we can be sniffle buddies hahaha
    and yes my brother does have big feet haha, he is quite the lanky boy... infact he may be as tall as you... luckily he is now well enough to be home :D

  3. My post-flood man cold is quite severe. It's tricky. It can feel like it is going away just to flare up with headaches, coughing and lethargy a few hours later. If it keeos up it may be best to get some tests done at the doc in case it is one of those mosquito carried viruses.

    Glad your brother is well enough to be home. Get well soon.

  4. Hey Tat, hope everything's going okay! Seems everyone I know right now is sick with one thing or another. Can't wait to catch up at TAFE. Keep safe. :)