Friday, December 3, 2010


Today i was privliged to see the recent animation by dream works.... Mega Mind.
and it was fun sitting in the cinema next to my big brother Dan analysing the principles of animation.... well i was analysing... my brother was just sitting there and enjoying the film.........
i personally thought that they did a very good job :D the textures and shapes of the characters was very asethetic...... humour was amusing... had me laughing out loud in afew spots.....
there was one point towards the end where i so roxys character running towards titan and mega mind.... she was in the background so not the main focal point of the scene........i though her run looked abit off..... not as believeable.... more like the fake runs your see in alot of computer games..... meaning that their legs are moving but the law of gravity has not been applied...... no offence intended to computer game lovers out there...... this was only at a first glance.... i'll have to see it again to see if my initial observation was correct......
i think the thing about this movie that i enjoy the most was how much it reminded me of our animation class...... i remember this one day in class when we all started singing the song " close to you" well the only part of that song we really know.... which is the LA LA LA LA LA........ LA LA LA LA LA LA...... and you know the rest..... well frank would.... how could he forget ..... it was his wedding song:D
..... any way it just was amusing to me that they used that song once mega mind had taking over metro city.... it reminded me of class..... over all i really enjoyed mega mind as a movie...... it wasn't to corny and there were alot of jokes that every one could relate to:D

i never got to really say good bye to the class before we hit holidays.... i just wanted to say thank you for an awesome year..... i have certain learn't alot this year from every one.... and i have felt so priviliged to be in such a unique class of creative individuals :D
i wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year...... i am looking forward to joining you all as second years next year :D it shall be fun :D
p.s. sean did you get your secret santa present from me?..... yes i was your secret santa :D and i hope you liked it..... chocolate sibling :D
any way i am just carrying on :D until i have another urge to blog..... BOMVOAGE!!!!


  1. You should add a spoiler alert at the top! Glad to hear you enjoyed it, will you becoming to see it with everyone this coming sat? Check your email for the details. :)

  2. Hey Tatiana. Keep posting. We're all off to see Megamind next week. Join us. Don't forget to open Maya anf put Max in a Christmas pose!

  3. haha i am sorry... i figured you guys would have beaten me to see it.... and i didn't know any of you would read my blog until we get back to class.... except frank! i am sorry that i will not be able to join you for i will be in fiji on thursday :C i am sure tim can cut out a picture of my face and put it on a paddle pop stick and sit it next to guys in my absnese he he !! i hope you will enjoy it
    DON'T READ TIM!!!!
    p.s. the bad guys win this one!!!!!!! hahaha miss you all
    and i wish i could open max in maya.... but i do not have maya at home... so i will just have to continue dreaming about maya..... and watching tutorials on black board :D happy holidays peoples :D

  4. Hey Tat. Don't forget that you have summer school at QCA for the bridging course 80 And a sad face with a holiday in Fiji is either an oxymoron or some very naughty teasing. Have fun and pose up a 3D character made up from coconut shells, colourful striped paper straws and small umbrellas in a suitably festive pose.

  5. I saw Megamind today. I have to agree with Tatiana. The Roxy character moved quite differently between sequences. In some of her walks she had no weight in her steps and in others there was a nice sway. I think the story people should be disappointed with the verbal info dump near the end - it smacked of the money people insisting on the story meaning being spelled out like the audiences were tree sloths or something. After so many cool plot boilers it was a movie wrecker for me. I wonder if the story ending was orignally alightly more interestingly twisted. One can only hope for a Director's Cut, free of the greasy finger prints of the bean counters.