Thursday, October 21, 2010

esacape title attempt

this was just a first attempt with in after effects making a title..... this paticular title was created for a work place health and safety movie we made to cover course requirments..... i love that is shatters but i think it would be more effectibe if i can make it glitchy like a horror movie..... it would compliment the front more than the shatter.... anyways enjoy! :D


  1. Enjoyed. Nice shatter effect. I hope you made the noise while watching it. Keep exploring the FX is AfterEffects or look for online tutes that might get you that horror film title effect.

  2. haha i sure did frank..... where would we be with out sound effects in life..... thanks for the tip.... i shall watch and see if i can master this program you speak of called after effects...... i think i am improving.... i didn't have an anxiety attack this time..... better get the brown paper bags ready any way lol