Monday, August 16, 2010

EKKA experience

i was looking forward to my first time at the EKKA. i had always driven past and wondered what it was like on the other side. i got my chance when a friend invited me to come for free! natuarlly i jumped at the chance.
then next morning i arose earlly to make it to a 6.30 train to Bowen Hills station. it was pouring with rain. i met my friend.... and the rest happened ended up like this :C
i'll tell the rest of the story when i am not half a sleep


  1. Hey Tatiana,

    I'm choosing to call you Tatiana, cause I would picture the name Tat to be a carni like in the picture you drew for the first preliminary of this picture and with tatoo's and pierced bull nose etc, ha ha. I think this is an excellent picture, and I think that this and the others you have been creating and the image for this blog are very good and very creative, I like the expression for the character and I like the composition and story within just one simple image and I also like the idea that you have began to create through the blog to have a comic and art for a certain story, event and the opinion comment etc. I think it is awesome and that you have created a visual diary or blog post of events that tell a story and comment or express ideas for the story and communicate the ideas effectively and this is through just one simple image that I believe yourself and others would relate to and find to be interesting and cool without a need for any other visual or written and media image or expression. I think this is good and I would like to see any other work. I would suggest if I was to try and critique or think of any other techniques to improve the image, that you should work a lot with this image to continue to try and perfect or better the picture more etc, and I would suggest trying other styles to try and have a few creative techniques styles for the work and I also would suggest to try some different styles of colours, to see how the different colours and application of colour and styles of the colours could change the mood and substance of the work etc. :)

  2. thanks zade i always apreciate feed back!!!!
    i'm glad you are enjoying my work, drawing from reall life experience seems to me the thing that really connects with other people :D
    catch yah later